Web Analysis and Strategy

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Web Analysis and Strategy

It is very important for us that customer gain a clear, usable understanding of their website performance and reach. Newtek being an expert in web analysis and strategy have always helped all the customers to gain that knowledge to identify key issues and opportunities, gain a sharper and clearing understanding of use, create a long term continuous improvement plan and implement ongoing analysis tracing with clear and usable metrics.

We will walk your team through a proven procedure that comprises, strategy, design, usability, information architecture and statistics. Making sure that the site is not only usable and meaningful to the visitor, but also delivers on the business objectives that have been established.

A website is an investment and therefore should be constructed in a way that you can continue to invest in the original foundation. Newtek guarantees that you have the analytic understanding and strategy to build and maintain a site that is appropriate to your business today and into the future.

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