Preventive support

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Preventive support

Unforeseen problems that can occur in your network can be handled easily by Preventive maintenance. Preventative Maintenance is critical to keeping your network healthy and active.

Newtek guarantees that all safeguards from basic to complex are in the place in the event that your network gets compromised. It starts with verifying that the correct software is in place and up to date to protect against a virus, corruption or deletion of data.

Nightly backups of your data are important and Newtek will ensure that the backup is running and even do audits of the backup on the regular base to make sure that the data being retained is usable. In addition to nightly backups, restore points will be established to allow your network to be restored back to a particular time.

We make sure you are aware of potential issues and help you plan for the unforeseen problems. Preventative maintenance protects your network against potential corruption. Newtek understands the value of retaining, restoring and backing up data because no one can afford the loss of data.

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