Web Development

Web Development

From basic informational website development to complex web / mobile applications and company portals NewTek IT Services works to create only custom developed solutions that leverage scalability. Proper initial project scoping and continual confirmation helps to ensure that the right languages are used. The NewTek IT Services knowledge base spans from basic HTML & CSS development to JavaScript frameworks such as Angular / Node, Ruby on Rails, React / React Native and more.


Utilizing HTML, CSS & JavaScript, our team transfers static, custom designs into a living and breathing web page. From conceptualization to implementation, designer and developer work in correlation to provide an interactive version of your web designs.

Once officially approved by the client, a development brief is generated and then we meet for an initial development kick-off, whereby design and development work hand-in-hand to bring the designs to life.


The integration of a Content Management System (CMS) into the Front-End developed designs that allows you full edit-ability following NewTek IT Services provided training. From page creation to menu alterations and user additions, the CMS allows control of it all.

Although the client rarely witnesses the actual ‘back-end’ development, it is presented in the form of a CMS at phase conclusion. Typically a WordPress CMS build, the client is trained on how it works and how to effect changes throughout the site; whether a basic website or a more advanced portal.


Accessing external data sources that allow for the transfer of information (pushing/pulling) from one database or application location to another. Integration connects with third party sources in order to allow for streamlined operations.

Connecting NewTek IT Services developed websites into existing client payment gateways, shipping providers, marketing softwares, ERPs, CRMs, MLS listings and more. This process helps to ensure data is always consistent and pulled from the most recent source.


Developing custom e-commerce designs into a WooCommerce or other select web platform to accommodate the online selling, tracking and marketing of products. Offering store solutions ranging from a single product SKU to 100,000+.

NewTek IT Services develops a website that allows for the sale of your products or services. Minimal levels of integration include payment processing, shipping, taxes and user accounts.