Web Design

Web Design

Creating a custom digital solution that extent your brand that clients interacts with every day. NewTek IT Services build websites that appeal directly to your market, convert visitors into customers, and are optimized for search engines from day one. After setting a foundation of type, style, and color expectations with clients we then move to create web designs that achieve visual and operational goals. From custom designed websites to tailored marketing strategies, we put all into our projects.

User Interface Design

The visual execution of putting a brand’s strengths, values, history and call to actions into a digital medium that allow users to navigate through with ease and purpose. Creating the skin, graphical presentation and visual cues that guide a user’s interactions.

During that process NewTek IT Services delivers Initial of the actual PDF of web mockups that mimic the dedicated layouts allocated in the sitemap; providing reasoning and research to support the design decisions.

User Experience Design

Optimizing digital designs by way of integrating in existing data and metrics, competitor analysis information, product / service structure, wireframing, testing, analysis and iteration. Converting data into design.

NewTek IT Services works through feedback loops with the client to optimize the presented web designs in order to confirm that user flow and goals are being met.

Content Development

Reviewing what is currently available, realizing where gaps exist and executing a content strategy that brings all hands on deck. From an initial discovery period to follow-up Q&A’s, NewTek IT Services works to establish an actionable plan to customize content for site design and organic optimization.

NewTek IT Services works with the client to create content that fits into the custom website design. This involves creating new and re-purposing existing content as needed.

Responsive Web Design

A Responsive Website Design is an approach used by designers and developers today to make a website for optimum viewing and interactivity which is easy reading and navigation across wide range of devices. Our responsive design experts can help you create a responsive web design for your site that will look great on computers, phones, and tablets alike. Responsive websites make it easy for users to find exactly what they’re looking for no matter what type of device they’re on. Mobile web design is more critical than ever, with Google and Bing penalizing non-mobile-friendly websites in search rankings. Search Engine love Responsive design and give preferential ranking. Google and other Search Engines now recommends every business to convert website to responsive design/mobile friendly for better ranking.

Whether you need a mobile-friendly design, a web-friendly logo, or want to add animations and graphics that enhance user experience, we’re here to help.

Guranteed Satisfaction

Whether your web design project involves a few small adjustments, or a multiple site design needs- access a team of the best web who offer complete transparency and on-time delivery for all industry type projects.

Improved Visibility

The web designer understands the process of search engine’s ranking parameters, hence keep in mind while working on any project that comes in. With the use of HTML5 markup to design each of your web projects get an added advantage of increasing brand visibility for search engines.

High Quality

Adopting the latest version of WordPress- our team of expert web designer ensures your site can easily grow by optimizing upgraded themes and plugins that match your brand and style.

Best ROI

Instead of working with multiple costly designers for managing your web design needs, easily hire a single dedicated design for your different projects and save time and costs.

Multi-industry Specialized Designers

Whether you are looking to create a responsive blog site, change of logo placement, corporate website design, or even an e-commerce store set-up, easily complete your innovative web design requirements using proven methodologies from custom built website designs to data-rick applications or online store builder.

Quick Maintenance and Support

Offering easy-to-maintain web designs, we make it easy for website business owners to create new pages, optimize content, and maintain multiple sites with no technical knowledge. Additionally, our team of dedicated web designer ensures to stay connected with project owners and suggest measurable results for higher conversions with time.