Application Development

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Application Development

To emphasize the uniqueness of your business and enhance your value proposition building a custom software application is not something can be neglected. Newtek consider everything, when analyzing a business need and developing a strategy and plan for a successfully software development effort. We will work with and guide you all the way.

It is important that we follow certain steps very carefully for the successful Application development like business consultation with a focus on defining objectives and goals review and sharing of insights, recommendations, suggestions, clear, structured development planning, professional project management, frequent checkpoints to ensure accurate translation of business goals into development targets.

Newtek bring a wealth of development in many categories to your disposal, including, but not limited to desktop,mobile,client-side,server-side,transactional,security,high availability, internet/intranet.

We will also provide recommendations if we believe there are existing solutions that will meet your business need (Commercial Off the Shelf or COTS for short) and shorten your development time.

Because of some key feature you can always trust Newtek application development like agile development practice, skilled software engineer, access to a wide range of development technologies, expert guidance, based upon experience, integration with existing legacy systems, clear, understandable project plans.

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