System monitoring

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System monitoring

IT networks require constant monitoring to deal with critical issue.
A system failure in your critical IT networks can be debilitating and negatively affect your revenue stream. Planned and effective monitoring can catch issues the moment they happen, minimizing downtime and speeding recovery and minimize loss. With System Monitoring from Newtek, you gain continually monitoring of the critical aspects of your network, including your internet connection, servers, firewall, backups and disk space.

Utilizing a proprietary monitoring system, we have the ability to react quickly to the exact issue, rather than having to guess where a problem is rooted.

Newtek will monitor your network to ensure your network is up and running. In the event of a problem a text and/or an email is automatically sent to your assigned team to proactively address the problem, many times before your team is even aware there was an issue. In addition our skilled professionals emphasize the importance of retaining, restoring and backing up critical data. It is our job to make sure our clients are aware of potential issues and help them plan for the unforeseen problems.

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