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Mobile Website Design

Let Newtek get your business on the mobile web-fast. Then we’ll help you manage your site using the Newtek platform. We have years of experience building custom mobile websites.
We build your site to deliver business results. We design with the mobile viewer in mind, and customize the site to match your brand!

  • We build and design your custom mobile website
  • Access to our platform to make updates at any time
  • Mobile sites and landing pages, simple or complex
  • Experienced with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or other CMS


A mobile device as about one tenth as many pixels as a regular screen. And since form follows function, the mobile site needs it’s own design. The design should be simpler. Here are a few ways that the design of the mobile site can be adapted:

  • Use a one-column layout.
  • Use fewer graphics – save screen space and load time.
  • Use simpler navigation – so there is more room for larger buttons


If writing for websites is about being brief and to-the-point, writing for mobile sites is even more so. If visitors are unlikely to read a large blocky paragraph on a big screen, they’re even less likely to read it on the tiny screen in their hand.
Shorten your copy. Turn your sections into single pages. Turn your paragraphs into sentences. Edit, then edit again. Be brief.
Fortunately, managing the content on your mobile site is easy. Good content management tools can manage website content for both screens, big and small, from one place.


Some features are a natural fit for smart phones. The following is a list of features that lend themselves well to mobile web sites.

  • Google maps
  • Blogs
  • Twitter feeds
  • Photo galleries
  • Video (keep in mind, video may load slowly on smart phones)


An advanced, user-friendly CMS is a must for any website to reach its full potential. Our Newtek Content Management System (CMS) is a proprietary, easy-to-use platform that allows properties to change and customize copy, imagery, or any website content at any time. You can change rotating images on your homepage, add copy about local attractions and customize content based on seasons or events.
We built this system specifically to answer the unique needs of your business. The system gives properties flexibility, while reducing costs and time spent waiting on third-parties to update your site content. Little technical knowledge is needed to use the CMS, meaning your staff can quickly learn to take control of your website content. Newtek’s client services team offers unlimited support and training.
Some unique features of our CMS:

  • Instantly change content, photos, or any website content
  • Page creation for A/B testing or targeted landing pages
  • Multiple levels of security and auditing to see who is accessing the system
  • Tablet compatible, including iPads
  • Ability to easily edit custom features/widgets
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