Network Installation and Configuration

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Network Installation and Configuration

Your entire business support platform is based on an IT infrastructure server network.

Newtek can provide a wide range of networking services. We can provide and install the hardware & software to make your computers work together seamlessly and allow you to work more efficiently for your business. We can set up entire corporate networks with file sharing, mail services, domain security, and internet access all with professionally installed cable runs.

Proper planning, detailed configuration, careful and tested installation are critical to ensure minimal downtime and maximum return on investment (ROI). Newtek has experienced, well trained, professionals, well versed in the most recent technologies with a record of successful implementations and that is what you exactly need for your organization. Strong core network competencies, combined with customer control, delivered in an easy to understand way.

As experts in software such as Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, HP, and Barracuda Networks Newtek can provide leadership in the selection and purchase of the design and selection of equipment best suited to your business.

Network Security
Server Virtualization
Disaster Recovery
Backup Planning & Storage

Newtek configure network services such as file sharing, mail, network printing, and internet access as well as internet related services such as web browsing, ftp, dns, virtual private networking and firewalling. We can convert your peer to peer network to a domain based network linking multiple networks into one infrastructure. This provides you with easier management and better network security.

We can troubleshoot network problems to hardware and software. We can test your cables for faults and test for problems relating to a bad NIC, switch or router. We can check your computers to ensure that they meet the requirements for your network. We can configure and set up networking protocols such as TCP/IP.

Having a certified IT professionals who are partnered with Microsoft, Dell, IBM, Cisco and more, experts in both hardware and software and experienced with a record of successful implementations Newtek has lot more to offer that what you expect. Let Newtek be your trusted partner for your network needs.

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