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Commercial off the Shelf Software Implementation

Newtek is well experienced in Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) implementation projects. We’ve been trusted and have delivered on many COTS implementations. We know where the issues are the traps, pitfalls and how to handle and avoid them.

Newtek will work right alongside your selected software vendor to provide guidance, insights, recommendations, implementation plan, and our time tested implementation methodology. Our detailed implementation plan will ensure all critical points are addressed including a practical and clear timeline ,plan accordingly to support successful adoption of the new platform ,dependencies, detail task and strategic milestones.

We always suggest if there are existing solutions that will meet your business need (Commercial Off the Shelf or COTS for short) and shorten your development time.

You can always lean on and trust our experienced professionals who are flexible, can adjust to do a little or a lot.

Newtek will work attentively to ensure successful implementation. And our services don’t stop there. We are experienced in data migration, testing, training and support. In addition Newtek can provide post analysis to identify and recommend optimizations for continuous development to ensure ongoing success.

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