Development and Implementation

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Desire Decides The Direction

Finding the right technologies for your growing business needs shouldn’t be a brain drain. Keeping your business in mind the new technology can be introduced to you. The reality is that the scope of technology is growing, making it nearly impossible for you to be an expert for so many new hardware and software products.

When you think of your business in terms of

  • GROWING your markets
  • TACKLING new challenges
  • INCREASING competitive advantages
  • SATISFYING your customers
  • PLANNING for the future
We think of the technology works best for you.



Newtek as a team of expert we guide you through the process to explore all the options. Throughout our 8 years in business we have used our expertise to provide valuable information that will help you make the best decision for your business.Whether you need a new network, Business PC, Graphics Workstation, or a RAID equipped Server we have knowledgeable staff to aid you in making an appropriate decision for your needs and business type.


We balance accepted best practices, our own experience, and your unique environment to implement technology so that it is optimized for your business.

  • Design & Develop
  • Internet Marketing
  • Mobile Applications
  • Custom Applications
  • Cloud Services
  • Networks
  • Backup and Recovery Solutions
  • Security
  • Database Development and Administration
  • Systems Integration


Performing a test at the end to confirm that everything is in place as it should be is very important. Whether it is a newly designed infrastructure or renovated one; testing needs to be done to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Testing thoughtout an initiative keeps the process on track. In the end we test for overall quality and against the requirements to confirm that everything is in place as it should be. Working with a vendor that does have a testing process will make any initiative cost more money in the long wrong, fixing problems that should have been caught earlier.


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